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Monsieur Spoon live up its French Name by not only serving good pastry and sweets, but also by having its outdoor area styled as in European setting. Do you believe if I said that the picture above was taken in Europe?

Good for breakfast under the warm morning Bali sun.

Each Sunday, Cafe Batu Jimbar at Sanur open their porch for Sunday Market. In addition to fresh vegetables sold by locals, people come here for breakfast of local dishes and traditional snacks.

The enthusiasm can be seen by difficulties to find place to seat. We almost decided to take away our food, before fortunately find an empty space shared with strangers.

Address: Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 75A

Misbar means Gerimis Bubar. In the old days, people watch movie in open air cinemas.If, in the middle of the movie, there are slightest drop of rain (Gerimis), everyone will scramble for covers (bubar).

Thankfully, patrons don’t need to do that at Warung Misbar. Patrons sit in a comfortable, cinema-like hall, with a big screen at the front playing Indonesian movies from 1980s

Make sure to grab your food at the food counter. The food counter features large selection of local food, including spicy food.

It is easy to tell that the owner of this place love to collect bicycle. Two classic, big front wheel bicycle decorate the main indoor area of the shop. One of them even have a functional UV-charged rear lamp.

"It is mostly for special occasion, like classic bike exhibition", the staff explain when I asked.

Food is pretty much average. I would recommend to order the Beef Steak Rawon, and skip the Dim Sum altogether. And give the coffee a try.

Warung Kopi Purnama, still my favorite place for breakfast. It fits the definition of Warung Kopi (or kopitiam), in the sense that patron can bring their own food while enjoying a good cup of coffee and nice place.

Address: Jl. Alkateri No. 22, Bandung, East Java, Indonesia

Phone: +62-22-4201841

Belijong, Makanan Khas Belinyu, Bangka. We have been to Belinyu beach before at Bangka Island. We love it. And we come to Belijong with high expectation about the food.

The food is decent, probably comparable with the one in Bangka. Otak-otak is as small as the one we ordered at Bangka.

Probably, what is missing is the view of Belinyu Beach

Address: Danah Sunter Utara Blok R-32, North Jakarta

Phone: +62 21 6404483

Batagor stands for Baso Tahu Goreng (Meatball Tofu Fried). Batagor Kingsley is, according to my taste, the best Batagor in Bandung. I taste Batagor Kingsley more than 10 years ago. And when I taste it yesterday, it still feels good

We came to Common Grounds for lunch. Totally wrong, because Common Grounds is best for brunch. I specially love the Huevos Rancheros Rendang, a mix of Mexican dishes with Indonesian taste. Don’t forget to order the long black coffee to complete your brunch

Kopi Ujung Gowa - Malino. Overall taste is as described in the packaging. It is a bit fruity instead of flowery as stated in the label. Mild body and slightly acidic

Eastern & Oriental, or simply E&O